Spirit Juice Studios is proud to present our first video filmed completely on the RED Epic camera. The visual is a collection of images that communicate the very essence of Fr. Pontifex’s new album “The Symphony and The Static”. The Overture, the title of this track on the album, is the introduction to an album that is full of many different sounds, ideas and thoughts that speak about the tension and drama of human life. We all experience the tension of joy and pain, hope and sadness, and peace and violence. Sometimes life is harmonious and makes so much sense and other times it seems very chaotic and we struggle to find meaning in our suffering. The symphony is constantly lifting us up but the static tries to pull us down. Fr. Pontifex writes from the unique perspective of a Catholic priest, one who has experienced and walked with people through many different monumental events in life. It truly is a unique album that is worth listening to.


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